About us

“CHANGE is Constant”

The above one liner is a reflection of our lives. We believe in CHANGE & we consider that CHANGE is happiness . At “CHANGE ” we adhere to bring a CHANGE of happiness, vivacity & contentment. CHANGE, a project initiated by AMCEEBEE Retail Private Limited., is a chain of value retail stores which offers a wide range of Apparel, Accessories & Footwear at a maximum discount of upto 60% on brands to the end consumer.

With an average store size of 500 sq. ft. to 1500 sq. ft., CHANGE offers not just a wide array of merchandises but the store also provides value for money prepositions throughout the year. With leading domestic and international brands, at CHANGE we fulfill all your aspirations under one roof . i.e aim to bring the CHANGE that has been awaited a long. CHANGE is good & we intend to bring the same through “The CHANGE Stores”.

Our USP remains the most respective brands at the most competitive price.

We not just offer brands, we bring aspirations. The brands that have been aspired by the Indian consumers, we bring all of them at the CHANGE stores.


To become the largest & most admired value retail brand in the country.


To satisfy need of every walk-in customer in the store by providing branded fashionable & affordable merchandise in the Change stores.


To rope in various national & international brands to fulfill the need of end consumer & simultaneously open stores across the nation.


Customer centric approach

Trustworthy retail brand

Trendy & fashion hot spot

Price Competitiveness